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Will I be able to get a full refund if I decide I don’t like the item I’ve ordered?

Yes, a refund will be given providing the item is returned within 7 days of being sent out and it is in its original condition and packaging.

I want to buy a pair of Cosmic trainers but I am not sure of the best size to order. Will you exchange them if I need a different size?

Of course we will exchange shoes, or other items, if they are not the correct size. Just return them with your name, address and contact details and explain what you would like in exchange. However, you would be responsible for the cost of the postage of the returned items. Also items would not be exchanged if they are not returned in the condition they were sent out in.

We are a small club and want to buy several score frames, but not as many as six, can we come to an arrangement on the price?

For any advice on multiple purchases, or indeed anything else, please phone us on 01903 201345. We will do our best to help.

What do the numbers and letters mean on the bias side of a bowl?

Bowls Markings — FAQ

On the bias side, each of your bowls is imprinted with a unique number which shows they are part of the same set e.g. D5 7437. There will also be a lozenge shape, like the one shown in the picture. X is the code letter of the Licensed Manufacturer; the numbers show the year the stamp expires (2018 in this example); WB shows it is a World Bowls stamp and R that it is a registered trademark. The size of your bowl is also shown.

I need advice about a bowls product. Can I call the shop?

Yes. The staff at Worthing Bowls Centre are very knowledgeable and friendly. Whatever you need to know about bowling the staff are only too willing to help. Pick up the phone and call today. Call 01903 201345

How should I clean my bowls?

It’s recommended that after a game you use a soft cloth to clean and polish your bowls. Regularly use a specially formulated polish such as Grippo or Crack a Jack. This will help maintain that ‘new bowl’ finish and shine. It can also help remove minor scratches. To remove a build up of grime or excess polish, you should wash your bowls in hot water and soap or mild detergent. When dry, polish them as before. Steam cleaning can also be used. When clean, store your bowls in a proper bowls bag or carrier.

Why not have a look at our selection of polishes?

What’s the best way to store and transport bowls?

It’s important not to let your bowls knock against each other in transit. The specially designed 2 or 4 bowl carriers are ideal. All bowls bags have special compartments for carrying bowls. These hold the bowls securely and prevent them from dropping onto the ground. To preserve the engraving on your woods, it is also a good idea to store them on their running surface. Never leave bowls loose in the back of a car.

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I don’t want to spend a fortune all at once. What’s essential for starting bowls?

Obviously you will need some woods but most clubs will lend you some during your coaching sessions.

Purchase your woods after your coaching sessions, if you can. Proper bowling shoes are essential – you will find a good selection on the website. Grey trousers and a white top (with a collar & sleeves) are usually needed but check with your club about its clothing rules eg colours allowed for shoes, tops knitwear etc. Do this before you purchase items. You will not need to buy everything at once.

How do I know what size woods to buy?

FAQ — What size?

Hold the wood in one hand in a claw grip and extend your arm out straight, to the side, at shoulder level. Now turn your hand over so the wood hangs down. You should be able to hold it without dropping and without experiencing strain on your forearm or shoulder.

People with arthritis or who have had problems with their hand, arm or shoulder may experience difficulty and should try out different sizes and weight to find the most comfortable one.

We strongly recommend all beginners try out different sizes and models to help decide what is best for you.

Generally try to play with the biggest wood you can handle.

Browse our range of woods (bowls). If you live in the Worthing area, why not visit our shop to try out different woods in the trial delivery area?